Tradition and Innovation


For over 160 years FEURICH has been part of the traditional piano manufacturing business with a modern production technique, inspiration, and creativity for the whole world.

Innovative Production

FEURICH has its own production line in Chen Hailun’s highly modern, CNC-machine-equipped piano plant in Ningbo, China.

The plant has an ever increasing output of outstanding quality, controlled according to very specific criteria determined by FEURICH’s own team of experts. This type of collaboration has not been possible for most of the big piano factories.

Hailun Piano is an ‘in demand’ component supplier for numerous piano brands. In 2012 it was the first piano company in China to be listed on the stock market.

Longevity of experience in relation to the production of piano parts and the latest equipment sets the parameter to produce the unique components of FEURICH’s grand and upright pianos.

In 2016 FEURICH launched a new upright piano series model 123, made in Vienna. An instrument that stands out from others of its kind for its special features, in addition to being manufactured by European hands, which certainly gives it a unique Viennese flavour.

Because of its dedicated team of experts FEURICH has created many evolutionary and innovative instruments. Many thanks for that!

This combination of expertise in both the traditional and modern way of piano building enables creative and new methods in all areas of production. The optimal implementation of high-tech-machines, indispensable mastery and quality control determine the highest quality.

Therefore a most unique partnership has come into being – the best of both worlds!

Official website::     www.feurich.com